Grana is the Italian word for “grain”, which is at the heart of what we do. The Grains that we use have been sourced from local NSW farms, preferring producers with smaller crops and less common heritage grains – grains that don’t grow quite so easily, that have less intervention, and that require more care. We select grains such as spelt, emmer and khorsan based on their higher nutritional content, and then mill them on-site to produce our own flour which is then used in our pasta room and pastry kitchen to produce fresh and delicious culinary experiences to enjoy.

All of our on-site production is in full view of our guests: to educate and entertain, so they can witness the origin of their experience. In the hope that they will understand how we are true to our House Made values of quality, care and authenticity.

Our menu is approachable and driven by fresh and high quality produce, with our drinks being simple, well made and tasty.

We combine this with humble and warm service, opening our doors from lunch to late evenings – always being there for our guests, at absolutely any time of the day